At Sea, Evening One

Singapore Straits
Bound for KL

Settled. Suite 1023, Seabourn Sojurn. Home for the next 33 days and a bit.

Our driver from the Singapore Shangri-La added just a bit of adventure to our transit here, first bringing us to the wrong marine terminal (“Seabourn used to dock here…”), and then giving us a tour of a parking garage adjacent to the right terminal, before finding the designated passenger drop area.

No matter. Embarkation was a breeze, we were fortified with a lunch upon arrival, allowed access to our suite, walked through a mandatory emergency drill… and then allowed to attend to the matters at hand. Which we did…

An hour or so later, our things are all stowed in drawers, nooks, and crannies (what exactly is a cranny?) arrayed around this efficiently designed cabin, luggage tucked away under the bed and in odd corners, power, cable, and desk layout arrangements for our devices worked out (my head a minor casualty as a result of impact with an immovable overhead compartment), and WiFi access sorted, if only after some initial frustrations with the ship’s registration system.

Cocktails and dinner await, then an overnight journey in a sweeping right hand turn up the coast to KL, where we arrive 8:00 AM local tomorrow.

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