Stopping to Consider before the Battle

The stage is set, in a fever of angry red
Forces divided, to the left and right spread

Facing without seeing, shouting not hearing

The long prelude about to come to a head
See how they are corrupt and weak

See how they undo sacred in what and how they speak

See how unlike us they and their friends appear

See how they take without an honest week
If they prevail, all is lost
See how little they know, how stupid, how crude

See how greedy they are, grubby and rude

See how they stubbornly hold back tomorrow

See how their masses and priests collude
If they prevail, all is lost
Now look into my glass
Cannot you see how you overreach and arrogate perfection?

Cannot you see what you deny is clear and present?

Cannot you see deep wisdom in the traditional and proven?

Cannot you see the joy and promise of progress?
Cannot you all see into your neighbors’ hearts—their fears, hopes, and prayers?
The stakes are very great

You must find a way to lift your weight

A powerful choice, now, you must make

Though, sadly, it you may hate
For truly, without your calm wisdom, in the hour and beyond, all is lost

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