Thank You

It's a cold and rainy evening here in Carmel Valley. But I feel both warm and incredibly lucky.

In the past twenty four hours I've heard so many kind thoughts from so many of you as to leave me lost for words. (A rare state of affairs, as you well know.)

I've had phone conversations with three colleagues from past lives, with last contact dating back six, ten and thirty years.

I've been reminded of stories I have never forgotten, but rendered just that much more precious through finding that they hold special places in the memories of others as well.

I've heard from people I feel I let down. People with whom I've celebrated great success. People who are where I was a few short weeks ago, wondering what will come next in life's journey. People who are special to me here and now, but who took the time to record their thinking for others to see. People who have taken chances, and found that they've led to great promise. People who kindly suggested that my thoughts here have been of some help.

To all I say thank you, and thank you again.

And to those of you with whom I'll be embarking on a new journey, I promise to work very hard to create the opportunity for new successes, new memories, new stories… that we can share in the years that lie ahead.

6 Oak Meadow Lane
5:30 PM, 10 December 2009

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  1. Rich:
    Best of luck to you in your new role. I remember our international travel and airline lounge chats and early morning london presentations. Happy New Year and all the best.
    Best regards,
    John Gibson

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