A Private Letter, To Friends…

Just a short note to friends following this blog.

While not yet official, as many of you already know, I've decided to join NCR. I'll be serving as their Chief Marketing Officer and VP, Corporate Development. Part of John Bruno's team, my responsibilities will be to both help tell the story of what the company is about today and give shape to what it will be tomorrow. 

From time to time, as appropriate, I'm sure that I'll find opportunities to share some thoughts on the progress we make as we strive to turn a grand old company into a great new one.

But that's not my purpose here. Now, I simply want to thank all of you with whom I've worked in the past for your friendship, your caring and for all of the incredible memories that we created together. They are treasures that I carry in my heart, and always will.

There were many possible paths into this moment. One led here, to what is. Many paths lead forward, and none of us know which we'll follow to what will be. All we can do is our best to live each "now" to the fullest. And that is what I intend to do.

But it seemed appropriate to pause here, to offer a smile and a warm "Thank you" to all of you who have been such an important part of what was. Please accept them with my sincerest gratitude.

Now, onward.

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  1. Harry Chapin a Long Island favorite concluded each concert with “all my life’s a circle” and re-uniting with Bill Nuti and John Bruno is another stop on that circle. NCR is more fortunate than they realize to have you join them and lead marketing. I’m thrilled for you, luck is not required just be you!

  2. You have truly come full circle. NCR – a great customer of Symbol Technologies in the early years and now you will make them a greater company.
    I will miss your blogs – and my hope that you were coming back to Motorola is dashed but I wish you all the best.

  3. Congratulations Rich!
    I started out at NCR as young lad and had a wonderful 14 years there before joining Symbol. NCR has such history and also quite a future. All the best in your new role.
    Greetings from the Land of Smiles,

  4. Dear Rich,
    As we discussed, I think this is a great move for you. I have enjoyed our discussions over the past few months and hope that the move to NCR does not keep you so busy that we won’t be able to connect once in a while. Please stay in touch. Good Luck!

  5. Dear Rich,
    Wow congratulations!! We’re going to miss your leadership and your constant happy smile around here – oh and your wonderful collection of braces!
    You have been a constant source of inspiration here and I am sure you will bring that – and your wonderful outlook on life – into your new role. I wish you every success and joy!

  6. Congratulations, Rich. You will do great in your new role. Selfishly, I am glad to hear you will be back on the east coast. More opportunities for Paul and I to join you for sushi lunch. Would not mind going into NYC to visit you either.

  7. HI Rich,
    Well congrats to you on your new adventure! I had the opportunity to work for you while you were leading Symbol…Judy Murrah was kind enough to bring the Coffee and the Keys to the Porsche…I am sure you remember that story! Last you told me you were getting another Porsche…I hope you did finally get it and having fun with it!

  8. Fantastic news and Congratulations
    I am sure that you will inspire NCR to greater heights, just as you have done in all your roles throughout your career.
    Best wishes from all your friends in the UK

  9. Best wishes for your continued success! I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you while you were a “Silicon Valley CEO” and look forward to continuing our friendship in the future. Your friends in the Aliance of Chief Executives wish you nothing but the best. Keep in touch.

  10. Dear Rich, Congratulations on your new role and we will miss you at the Alliance of CEOs forum. You always struck me as a genuine, warm person with great insights and advice on issues of importance to me and other CEOs in our forum. Best wishes and hope we have a chance to interact again.

  11. Dear Rich,
    My sincere Congratulations on your new role at NCR , and the challenges ahead.You will be tremendous asset.
    As you know, I spent 13 years at NCR , before joining Symbol in 1989, and then serving in charge of the Canadian Operation, for 13 more years.
    Always respected and enjoyed working with you.
    Regards, Peter Nind

  12. Rich,
    Still eloquent! “…grand old company into a great new one.” You are about nothing, if not visionary tasks.
    Rob Beswick

  13. Hi Rich
    Good luck in your new endeavour. NCR’s gain…..
    From the fairest Cape in the world – Cape Town

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