Strange crossings…

…observed when, during some afternoon quiet time on day two of my trip, I stumbled upon a NYT magazine piece by Karl Ove Knausgaard (of “My Struggle” fame) about a trip he recently made, with objectives loosely aligned with those of De Touquiville all those many years ago (finding the true meaning of America).

Shangri-La Hotel

View from my balcony

Taking a break outside to get out of the AC, headphones on, listening to some random Spotify playlist, when on comes a cover version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “America,” with lyrics echoing a similar journey in search of the essence of our country…

Then, back inside, continuing the read, came to a reference to Duluth, MN as Bob Dylan’s home… just as “Things Have Changed” comes around on that same list.

Sometimes you search, and find. Just when he thought he wouldn’t, Knausgaard did. Sometimes you just open up to chance, and memorable moments happen. That’s my plan for this trip.


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