Reflections: 35,000 Feet

Open Question

How might it be possible to inform the great unwashed (first class) multitudes that it is impolite to recline their seats in a spastic lurch rearward, on a flight where the pitch (regrettably) results in their seat backs approaching the proximity of my nose with stunning suddenness, threatening to crunch my laptop (were it not for practiced reflexes) en route?

Lonely Outpost

Our driver to Kahalui Airport reported that the Krispy Creme we passed just before reaching our destination was the lone purveyor of that delicacy in the state of Hawaii. "Not Kaua'i, not O'ahu… nowhere by Maui. One dozen doughnuts are eleven dollar, ninety seven cents. One doughnut, one dollar seventeen. I see lots of people from other islands lined up every morning. They buy, and bring home. Once in a while, I buy one dozen to bring to my family (one dollar, seventeen). The owner is a rich man." For the full effect, enhance the preceding dialogue with your best attempt at Vietnamese. His name: Hai. His employers, Mai and Tai.

Where did THIS come from?

On biting down on the first cashew secured from the pre-drinks service on UA 34, my left jaw reported great distress, signaled with equal measures pain and immobility. No warning, other than a vague earlier sense that the overhead vent in the taxi may have been blowing a bit too cold, a bit too vigorously, a bit too long during our way to the airport. Paul Theroux would be pleased: badge of honor as a traveler, not a tourist. I fear dentists lie in my near future…

Tonight's Plan

Pick up luggage at SFO. Meet driver, who'll take us to Santana Row. Pick up luggage left there last week (on the assumption that we'd be spending the night in our apartment before heading to NYC tomorrow). Drive to Carmel Valley. Attempt to sync display-dead IPhone with MacBook Pro there. Take the Pro with me regardless. Unpack. Sleep (4 hours). Pack. Drive to Santana Row. Meet driver (same), who'll take us to SFO. Fly to JFK. Taxi to Manhattan. Check into Ritz Carlton. Walk to Apple Store on 5th and 59th. Genius Bar: replace IPhone and upload data from backup file (fingers crossed). Back to Ritz. Sleep. (More later.)

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