Yesterday, I wrote about introspection and pending career choices. Here's a first pass list of some of the things I've noted in the process so far, about myself and work life:

  • In my experience, laughter and success are almost perfectly correlated.
  • I do best when working around intellectually honest people entirely commited to winning.
  • I'm happiest when pushed to the max by team members better than I at what they do.
  • I'm more creative than I give myself credit for.
  • I get bored with routine a bit too easily.
  • Trust but verify — do your homework before buying, or joining a new venture.
  • When applying successful approaches from past situations, be careful to respect the differences between then and now.
  • Successful businesses make money by doing hard things well; beware however the power of tides and prevailing winds — go against them only after careful consideration.
  • I've learned over time not to complicate things too much. Corrolary: If you don't focus on the one or two most important things, you're dead.
  • Business is mostly about those warm squishy things called people.
  • There are times to look at the half full part of the glass, and others to see the empty part; know the difference.
  • Mistakes can be made from arrogance, and from weakness.
  • It's impossible to have too many smart people around you.
  • Once a team's culture is formed, it's exceedingly tough to change (for better or worse).
  • Immediately confront people problems that can corrode culture.
  • Knowing when to make a business decision is often as important as how to make it; my judgement in both is pretty good.
  • Fast progress is better than slow perfection.
  • Winning is a great antidote to most problems; success feeds on itself. (Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.)
  • I work best with people sharing a common sensibility (tests: Do they laugh at the same jokes as me? Do they care enough to get angry?)
  • To be happy and successful, I must have a deep and genuine passion for what I'm doing.
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