Postcard from the Suez Canal

In passage from The Red Sea to The Mediterranean

Facts about the Suez Canal:

  • There are no locks; it is at sea level for its entire extent
  • It took 10 years to build, and opened for operation in 1869
  • Its current capacity 47 ships per day, who make the passage in one way convoys, north or south
  • The Egyptian government is building an extension that will double its capacity when complete in 2016
  • The waters in the norther half flow north in the winter, south in the summer; waters in the southern half flow with the Red Sea tides
  • It is 120 miles long, 670 feet wide, and 80 feet deep
  • Speed is limited to 8 knots, to prevent damage to the banks
  • The cost of passage for a ship the size of the Seabourn Sojourn is $250,000
  • A passage through it is an absolutely great way to spend your 60th birthday
Suez Canal Images

Suez Canal Images

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