Atoms and Bits…

"This can be a very big company someday, because even if the particulars of our technology will be different in the future, as they certainly will, the problems we're attacking are fundamental, and will never go away. We should make that clear to our investors." I spoke words to that effect to our founder Jerry […]


How does a company grow from an entrepreneur's idea to a $4 billion player in a market space that it not only emerged to lead, but played a dominant role in shaping? What combination of people, strategy, circumstance and luck made it possible? What was it like to be part of that experience? These are […]

Saturday, late afternoon, Carmel Valley. Background jazz (Martin Headman — don't think that you'd know him, a local). Weather perfect now, after morning fog and some midday scuttling confusion. Soft breeze, sun. Evening plans set: local bistro, just about reachable down the hill in neutral from our place. All caught up on last week's work. […]

Never Again…

I was on a plane, third in the queue for take-off to the northeast from Laguardia Airport, when the second tower was hit. From my window seat on the right side, I had a straight line of sight view to downtown Manhattan, and the resulting explosion. Just a moment later, our captain came on the […]

Who Goes There?

I've built this site around the idea that the conventional divisions between professional and personal life are artificial. They don't reflect the way we live, work, and play today. I don't shut down my professional responsibilities (with rare exception) on evenings, weekends, or holidays. Our competitive environment doesn't permit that, and I'd get bored. Further, it occurs to me that if you are interested in doing business with me in some way you should be interested in Rich Bravman, the person. So, whether you're an entrepreneur looking for ideas on how to put your ideas to work, an investor looking for an experienced advisor or board member, a friend, colleague, or simply someone curious about what a fellow human thinks... Welcome! Warning: eccentricity lies ahead in these pages.

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Read this and regain at least a modicum of faith in the presence of wisdom among the leadership class in this world. Unfortunately, Bradley is past his impact moment, and his exemplar of a new way forward ("Americans Elect") foun...