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A Strategic Decision

Port Klang Straits of Malacca Seabourn Sojourn This is a place with a great deal of turbulent history. It sits at a strategic crossroads of the overlapping and competing trade routes of many empires, as they’ve surged and receded over the millennia. After a founding period where indigenous peoples, comprising hunter gatherers from the north, […]

At Sea, Evening One

Singapore Straits Bound for KL Settled. Suite 1023, Seabourn Sojurn. Home for the next 33 days and a bit. Our driver from the Singapore Shangri-La added just a bit of adventure to our transit here, first bringing us to the wrong marine terminal (“Seabourn used to dock here…”), and then giving us a tour of […]

The Lion City

I just finished reading Saint Jack by Paul Theroux, the first in a series of novels I selected based on their settings — each of the ports of call on the extended sea journey we are about to undertake. Tomorrow we embark from here, Singapore, eventually to reach Athens, 34 days from now. With ample time […]

Strange crossings…

…observed when, during some afternoon quiet time on day two of my trip, I stumbled upon a NYT magazine piece by Karl Ove Knausgaard (of “My Struggle” fame) about a trip he recently made, with objectives loosely aligned with those of De Touquiville all those many years ago (finding the true meaning of America). Taking […]

Who Goes There?

I've built this site around the idea that the conventional divisions between professional and personal life are artificial. They don't reflect the way we live, work, and play today. I don't shut down my professional responsibilities (with rare exception) on evenings, weekends, or holidays. Our competitive environment doesn't permit that, and I'd get bored. Further, it occurs to me that if you are interested in doing business with me in some way you should be interested in Rich Bravman, the person. So, whether you're an entrepreneur looking for ideas on how to put your ideas to work, an investor looking for an experienced advisor or board member, a friend, colleague, or simply someone curious about what a fellow human thinks... Welcome! Warning: eccentricity lies ahead in these pages.

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